Action... Intrigue... Keytars... Prepare yourself for Motion Show 2018: Super Duper Time Travelers, a showcase of motion and animation work from the CalArts graphic design department.

Directors: Spencer Abrams / Andrea Yasko / Alyson Yee
Written & Edited by: Spencer Abrams
Cinematography: Spencer Abrams
Animation: Andrea Yasko / Lisa Armstrong
Design: Alyson Yee / Andrea Yasko / Izgi Yavuz / Hannah Kim
VFX: Andrea Yasko / Alyson Yee
Title sequence
Title Cards
BFA 1: Paleolithic Era
BFA 2: Medieval Era
BFA 3: 1970's
BFA 4: 1980's
PMFA: 2008
MFA 1: 2018
MFA 2: 3018
Film & Animation Selects
The show


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