THE CRUDDY BUDDIES are a toy collection designed to help students based on certain emotions or events that we had trouble with during our time at CalArts. All the toys are made of recycled materials (any and every material I could find laying around my studio) relating to the concept of each toy. Toys were made with the intention of being stop motion animated.
Each buddy comes with a guidebook with advice to help you deal with the situation that the buddy relates to.
The final piece is a title sequence for a sitcom where the s are the stars!
The collection consists of ~
PRINT FAIR BUDDY: helps you get through the paperwork & pain of planning your first event
WORKER BUDDY: gives you the motivation to work
PARTY BUDDY: reminds you to get out of the studio & have fun
CRITICAL STUDY BUDDY: there to mold your mind in ways other than design
T-SHIRT BUDDY: helps you plan t-shirt show & prepares you for screen printing hundreds of shirts 
WORRY BUDDY: calms you down during mental breakdowns
SLEEPER BUDDY: reminds you to get your sleep or stops you when you're sleeping too much​​​​​​​

Music: Ghostwerk
Production Help/Moral Support: Izgi Yavuz

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